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March 31, 2020 
Dear Friends,
The church needs live-streaming software to be able to broadcast our worship services. We were just a few steps away from securing the necessary equipment and software when “all of this” happened.

We’ve been using Facebook live-streaming and Zoom, which have gone fairly well. But, it would still be good to be live-streaming from our website on Sunday mornings. In order to make that happen we need streaming software, something I didn’t even know existed until two weeks ago.

Since services are being streamed from my laptop, it’s up to me to get that worked out. My attempts at setting up the software left me in a puddle of tears twice in an hour last Friday. I felt helpless and stupid. And, so very frustrated.

But, I’ve been in similarly frustrating situations in the past without crying. But, I’ve also never been living during a pandemic before.

Friends, everything is harder right now. While we might try to move through our days in denial, the reality of the situation dwells within our souls. It takes up a lot of space, crowding out our patience, our calm, and our focus.

This is a time to be exceedingly gentle with ourselves, and one another. It is a time to lean into God’s presence, to recognize that as children of God, we are loved and cared for just as we are.

Today I will try again with that software. I’m not going to give up. But, I am going to be a little easier on myself and I hope you will be a little easier on yourselves, too.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Robin
​​ ​​​​​​Thank you, Linda Miller, for providing the weekly reflection and prayer.​​
Dear friends,
How are you holding up, my friends? It was so, so wonderful to see so many of your smiling faces on ZOOM this past Sunday! Barb Krause admitted to wearing scent! The Sutherlands looked warm and happy, surrounded by palm trees and blue waters. I enjoyed hearing the “Roundtop clock” in the home of Carol Bawden and Scott Craig. Mary Swartz looked comfy and cozy on her living room couch. Keep safe, my friends. Wash your hands. Keep praying. And that’s all I’m going to say about the COVID-19 virus.

Despite the grey skies, spring is here! We’ve heard thunder during a recent rainstorm. When I walked to the mailbox for the newspaper, I saw daffodils and crocus poking up through the soil. More and more birds are at the feeders: red-winged blackbirds are flashing their swipes of color. Goldfinches seem energized as their olive-drab feathers take on the hue that gives them their name. More and more robins are searching for food. A murmuration of starlings swirls through the air outside the window. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

The local beaches are still calling to me, especially after a windy night. I’m still picking up water-born trash, but those shards of pottery and glass on the sand continue to catch my eye. They are treasure to me! I showed a friend a couple of pieces and she tilted her head and said “Well, that’s just trash. What can you do with THAT?” Okay. Yes, it’s technically worthless, but think about it. These pieces of everyday items such as crocks and dishware haven’t seen the light of day in decades, maybe a hundred years! I wonder what was stored in those crocks? What sort of meals were served on those plates with the rippled edges? How did the plate get broken? And how did it get into the bay? All mysteries that make these bits and pieces so intriguing. One man’s trash, one woman’s treasure, and all that.

Despite the many inconveniences, may we treasure these uncertain days while we are forced to live in isolation. May we treasure these uncertain days as we live in the certainty that our God is with us. Within the broken-ness of the current health situation, may we draw together in faith and service to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

Dear God,
Sustain us in this time of uncertainty and tragedy.
Help us to treasure the long, solitary days.
May they enrich our faith and bring us closer to you.
The audio recording of this past Sunday's service is below.

Part 1

Part 2

March 24 video message from
our very own Len Niehoff:

​Thank you, Len!
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