Who We Are
Congregational means governed by the members of the congregation, a practice that goes back to the earliest Christians.  Our church history in America begins with the Pilgrims.  They believed each person should be able to read the Bible and that conscience, not coercion should govern faith.

Suttons Bay Congregational Church was founded in 1896 as the only English speaking church in the community.  There were nine charter members.  However, there were 35 children in Sunday School.  The total membership for the first four years of the church was 15.

We remain a church uniquely committed to accepting people from many different experiences and faith backgrounds.  We have no creed; we celebrate our diversity.  "Everyone is welcome" is not just a phrase; it is our approach to worship and life.

Our Covenant
We are banded together as a Christian church to maintain the worship of God; to proclaim the gospel of Christ; to develop in all a consciousness of their relations and duties to God and their fellow man and to inspire them with love for truth, passion for righteousness and enthusiasm for service.

To this end we pledge our loyalty to Christ and covenant with each other to strive to express his spirit in our individual and corporate life; to live together as Christian brethren and to submit ourselves to the mutual service of this church, working, giving, praying for its increase, its purity, its peace, and seeking in every way to make it a power for the building up of the Kingdom of God.

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​Amended & Restated Bylawsas amended through October 6, 2019