"Anchored in God's Love"
Suttons Bay Congregational Church
See below for the video of Sunday's worship service.  
June 27, 2017

Pastor Robin will return to the office later this week
and lead us in worship on Sunday, July 2nd.

Dear Friends,

This week finds me in the hills of northern Georgia for the annual meeting of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. I am eager to hear our Bible lecturer, The Rev. Dr. Barbara Brown Taylor, a preacher whose sermons have made a tremendous impact on my faith journey. In addition, I will have the chance to meet with some of the missionaries serving Congregational churches and organizations around the globe. And, I am very much looking forward to connecting with some old friends.

Thank you for your generosity to the church that allows me to take advantage of learning and fellowship opportunities such as this.

Peace to you,
Pastor Robin

P.S.  In the event of a pastoral emergency in my absence, please go ahead and call my cell phone, 231-534-4821, and I will procure care for you. Thank you!

Dear friends,

Sitting here at the computer, I am attempting to look out of the kitchen windows, but they are covered in the remnants of last night's rainstorm and the world is a muddle of green. Pine green, lime green, olive green, Kelly green, sage green. What a marvelous color! In the dead of winter, we crave that color and some of us lavish care upon our house plants to keep that color going. [By the way, if you ever need to see green thriving in the middle of winter, check out the little stream that runs through Suttons Bay from Water Wheel Park. Even with snow piled on the sidewalks and on its bank, that creek offers a little bit of the promise of springtime to all who happen to notice. No, it's not easy being green! :o) ] And then, as if by magic, spring arrives and we don't have to dream about green. It's right there, making its way through the straw-colored winter lawns, rising in little unassuming spikes to later become daffodils and tulips. And weeds. Don't forget the weeds. The most tenacious of plants, the bane of gardeners everywhere, but an inspiration never-the-less. They just keep on going! You pull them up and a few days later they are back. No, it's not that you didn't do a good enough job, you just exposed more seeds that were dormant in the soil. Now they have soil and water AND sunlight in order to thrive. And so goes the circle of life. 

We humans - a most tenacious species - don't just need food and water to thrive. We need the sun/son of God's love in order to fully realize our purpose on this mortal soil. When the world tries to "weed us out" with every negative story on the morning, noon and night-time news, we rise up once again, refreshed from our Sunday morning worship for another week of living as a child of God. WE are the living green-ness in a sometimes relentlessly dark world. God never promised us - or Kermit the frog - that being green would be easy. But it's such a great color, we've gotta give it a try!

Dear God,
Thank you for green leaves,
and for red cherries and bluebirds,
a yellow sun, orange oranges,
purple grapes and the shiny black
of a raven's wing. 
There's a place for it all
in the light of your grace.


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