"Anchored in God's Love"
Suttons Bay Congregational Church

*Tina Greene-Bevington and family, grieving the death of Tina's father, Clyde Greene
*Don Schwendemann, recovering from illness
*Dave Mathia, recovering from surgical insertion of a pacemaker 
*Al Applegate, in rehab for 2 weeks while recovering from a medical procedure, a small heart attack while in hospital, and effects of immunotherapy
*The Sutherland Family, in Uganda celebrating the adoption of their son, Michael
Geneva McClintock, recovering from a hospital "tune-up"; will rejoin choir soon
Cathy Smith, experiencing health issues
Taylor Devol​ (daughter of Gary & Kelly; sister of Nate), undergoing treatment for lymphoma
Nancy Gross, recovering from abdominal surgery
Dan Bohlmeyer, diagnosed with prostate cancer
Fran Jelinek, experiencing continued health issues
Tom Stretlien, living with congestive heart disease, COPD, kidney problem stage 3 and low hemoglobin
Lois Stretlien, recovering from knee replacement surgery at home
Edith Farnham, relocated to Willow Cottages (525 Cottage Arbor Drive, Apt. 109, Traverse City 49684; 932-3000 ask for Willow Cottages)
Bob & Betty Maynard living at GT Highlander (800 Centre Place, Unit 20, Traverse City, 49686)
Fran Dorsey, needing our prayers. Moved to Novi, MI (Brookdale of Novi, Apt. 98, 45182 West Park Dr., Novi, MI 48377; Ph: 248-464-5792)
Phyllis Dozier, moved to Pennsylvania (3306 Twin Silo Dr, Blue Bell, PA 19422; Ph: 267-613-8820)

*Family & friends of Freeman Wood (Darlene Garland's cousin)grieving his death
*Sophia (niece of Carrie Hill), undergoing cancer treatment; seeking the right surgeon to treat medical condition
Jennifer (Scott Craig's daughter), recovering from a fall on the ice and broken arm
Betty Heerema (Clix & Jean Heerema's daughter-in-law), recovering from the removal of a cancerous lesion on her nose
Tisha Kartsimas's mother, hospitalized in CA with pneumonia and congestive heart failure
Melanie (niece of Phil & Sarah Hallstedt; granddaughter of Berneice Hallstedt)​, requesting continued prayer for her illness
Lorri and Frank (sister and brother of Kathy Miller), coping with health issues
Dean Mettler (brother-in-law of Doug Pedersen) coping with lymphoma
Kim (sister of Carrie Hill) undergoing treatment for cancer
Christy (Tom & Marlene Lhamon's daughter), undergoing treatment for a recurrence of cancer
Martha Dozier, (Phyllis Dozier's daughter-in-law) undergoing treatment for lymphoma
Mike Borer (Amy Sutherland's father), diagnosed with stage IV cancer
Lisa Peterson (Dan & Alix Bohlmeyer’s niece), living with lymphoma
Stephen Helt (Cindy Stayman’s nephew), diagnosed with ALS

*Paul (father of Wren's friend), suffering from shingles
Pastor Robin's family friend Tom Spiess facing a serious health crisis and needing spiritual fortitude to get through it
Lori (friend of Eve Howe), undergoing chemotherapy
Kay Van Dyke (friend of Ron & Diane Calsbeek), battling a recurrence of cancer; chemotherapy postponed until immunity improves
Renee Leiter, mother of 3 diagnosed with stage IV cancer; facing a new round of chemo therapy
The family and ministry of Pastor Methius Moyo in Zimbabwe
Chad Kahler, diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Therese (& husband Darren; friends of Alex Hill), diagnosed with cancer, and facing other health concerns 
Nancy Minnick (friend of Alix and Dan Bohlmeyer) recovering from cancer surgery
Michael Mahoney (friend of Becky Hemmingsen), entered hospice
The Stark Family
Arlene Imes (friend of Marty Ramsdell) diagnosed with ALS
Mark McManus (friend of Bob & Marta Harris) diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer
Molly McDougall (daughter of Susan Jarvis and friend of Dave and Roberta Williams) diagnosed with stage four colon cancer
Ken Swanson, experiencing kidney issues
Victims of violence in the U.S., and around the world

* New this week

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